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Promotional Materials

Here you will find sharepics to spread via your social media channels or to forward to friends, flyers to print out and an invitation text calling for participation at the A-Days in Göttingen.

On site you will also find printed flyers to share and distribute here: 

Roter Buchladen (Nikolaikirchhof 7, Göttingen),
Zur Molli (Salzderhelden train station),


Materialien zum Verbreiten

Flyer, Sticker & Sharepic

Materialien zum Verbreiten

Sticker & Sharepic

A-Days Göttingen (English version)- Sharepic

Sharepic (English version)

Materialien zum Verbreiten

Sticker & Sharepic

Invitation text and call for participation (for sharing with or without sharepic, flyer, etc.)
🖤A-days in Göttingen 🏴‍☠️

Call to action and invitation to join us
from 26th April til 1st May 2024

Dear anarchist and anti-authoritarian people, dear all, 

deep down in our small and big hearts, anarchist ideas can make another world possible. during the A-days we want to celebrate this and take it to the streets and into the minds of everyone. With joy, creativity, expression, fury and sorrow. With booths from/about your own projects or collectives, lectures, music, workshops, creative town beautification, inciting discussions, chopping-disco and so on... you, your friends and comrades will be able to experience a couple of marvellous days in Göttingen.

We want to shift the public debate towards a more liberated, more empathetic society full of solidarity and participation. Without authority, without capitalism, without borders and without politicians. Be it the proclamation of an autonomous zone, squats against vacancy or cuddling against the overall shitshow, come up with something, be creative, band together and stop by! Get to know other sweet beings and connect with each other. It doesn't matter if you'll be able or willing to contribute anything, we'll be glad to see you!

A lot of things are being organised decentrally by places/premises/groups, but there will be an awareness-team and safer spaces.

However, the event will be taking place in a city/town, which means all in all it'll be more of a braver space. This also means we want to be mindful of the people living there as much as our own safety and that or our friends and other participants.

We want to inspire people to tag along with our ideas, but we will not just put up with people who are ignorant towards our ideas. Together, let's bring the abundance of possibilities of self-organisation into people's minds.

Who's organising all of this?
We, many different political groups and structures, living projects and communities and autonomous people from inside and around Göttingen, cordially invite you to the A-days in black and gay. ;D There will be maps available on-site.

Come around, be emotional, take care of one another.

Agitate and advertise the event, invite everyone who's able to do some cool stuff, people you love and like and everyone you think might be fond of such a thing.

Bring your big and small cash if you can.
There will be a bunch of donation tins for a bunch of different things. This whole event basically runs on donations.

Accessibility and barriers
If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact us by email and we will see together how we can create accessibility. Some places are barrier-free, other places unfortunately have many barriers. At least one location will be fully wheelchair accessible including toilets and 2 will be partially accessible, children are welcome, there will be safer spaces, affinity group meetings and awareness. Most places will be smoke-free. There will be outdoor and indoor spaces. There will be quiet and noisy places. Some will be free of charge, many will be donation-based. The main language will be spoken German. We are trying to organize a lot of things collectively so that barriers can be broken down together. More soon on the website below.

There will be a pretty varied lineup of events, you'll find an overview on our website:
If you want to contribute something yourself or you know someone who does, please contact us via email.
It kind of goes without saying that the content matter has to be anarchist and anti-authoritarian and you should be feeling comfortable with the topic(s).

There will be open kitchens, but no full board.
Please be prepared to find your own ways to aquire food/provisions/supplies (again, we'll be in a city so there are supermarkets etc everywhere).
How you sustain yourself is totally up to you, we'd love to see you support our local anarchist spaces though. :)

There will be people organising places to sleep.
Anyone who can offer some space, a bed, a shower, etc and anyone who has definite needs is welcome to contact us via email.
There will also be a map with vacant houses, spaces for vans/campers and spaces for camping.

Please partake in shifts (kitchens, awareness, etc).
Ask around what you can do to help if you want to.

You can find a way to contact us and get information here:


email: (preferably encrypted)

Anarchist and anti-authoritarian greetings to the world and we hope to see you soon!

P.S.: From 1st May onwards there will also be A-days in Leipzig (2h train ride).
So you'll be able to have a 2 week anarchist vacation, sweet huh?!
And for anyone dependent on doing wage labour: For the A-days in Göttingen you'll only need to take two work days off
for 6 days of fun. 😉

PPS: If you have any hurdles or concerns that make it difficult for you to come or to be here/participate, please let us know and we will find out together how we can make these hurdles less difficult or overcome them.